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Wedding Timeline, Plans and Ideas

                   Announcement 1: Family and special
                   guest please start taking your seats!
        00:00 Seating of the Guest 30 min before
                   start time!
                   Announcement 2: Family and special
                   guests please take out your cellular
                   phone or communication devices
                   and place them in airplane mode,
                   vibrate, silent, or off.
       00:30 Ceremony Start Time!
                  Lighting of the candle by the mothers: Music:
                  Seating of the Parents: Music:
                  Wedding Administrator and Groom/Groomsmen: Music:
                  Maid/Matron Of Honor / Bridesmaids / Bridesmaids and Groomsmen/Flower Girl(s)/
                  Ring Bearer(s) Music:
                  Announcement 3: (Family and special guest please rise!)

                  Bride and Escort Enters: Music:
                   Wedding Administration Starts with the Reading of the Vows or Special Tradition for:

                   A: Candle Lighting Tradition D: Tying of the hand Tradition
                   B: Mixing of the Sand Tradition E: Wine or Champagne Tradition
                   C: Crucifix Tradition
                   Soft Background Music:
                  Wedding Administration Finished and Announcing of Husband and Wife
       01:00 Ceremony Finish Time and Cocktail Hour Starts

                  Bridal party and family departs for pictures. DJ relocates to Cocktail hour (15 - 25 minutes).
                  Family and Guests Depart for Cocktail Hour
       02:00 Cocktail Hour Ends
       02:10 Introduction of the Wedding Party: Music:
                 Mother of the Bride (MOB):
                 Escorted by the Father of the Bride (FOB):

                 Mother of the Groom (MOG):
                 Escorted by Father of the Groom (FOG):

                 Flower Girl(s):
                 Escorted by Ring Bearer(s):

                     Jr. Bridesmaid:
                     Escorted by Jr. Groomsman:

                 Escorted by Groomsman:

                     Escorted by Groomsman:

                     Escorted by Groomsman:

                 Escorted By Groomsman:

                 Maid of Honor(Not Married):
                     Escorted by Best Man:

                     Matron of Honor(Married):
                 Escorted by Best Man:

                 Announcement 4: Family and special guest please rise and give a warm welcome to:

       02:15 Introduction of the Bride and Groom: Music:
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs.
       02:18 Bride and Groom or Couples First Dance: Music:
       02:21 Father Daughter Dance: Music:
       02:24 Mother Son Dance: Music:
       02:28 Bride and Son or Daughter Dance: Music:
       02:32 Groom and Daughter or Son Dance: Music:
       02:36 Who’s saying the welcome and blessing? (FOB or MOB):
       02:40 Who’s saying the blessing?
       02:50 Dinner Starts: (35 minutes to 1 hour) (See requested music)
                  What type of dinner have you purchase?
  1. Plated
  2. Buffet Style
                 Game: Pass the Napkin Game; It’s like musical chairs, but with a napkin, whoever the napkin stops on
                             has to stand and answer two questions: 1. Who are they? 2. How do they know the Bride and
                             Groom? This game can be used to give away party favors and centers pieces. (This game is
                             played during dinner or a long cocktail period.)
                 Announcement 5: Please remain seated. The servers will start bringing out salads, and shortly
                                                afterward your dinner plates.
                 Announcement 6: Please remain seated. The host or hostess will come around to your table
                                                when it your turn to be served. Thank You!
       03:15 Bride and Groom mingle with the quests
                 Announcement 7: If you are having Champagne or another type of beverage, I will give the host or
                                                hostess a 10 minute heads up to start pouring the Champagne or refresh your
                                                glasses with your favorite beverage.
       03:45 Toasts: Parent(s):

                                Mother/Step and Father/Step of the Bride:
                                Mother/Step and Father/Step of the Groom:
                                Best Man:
                                Maid of Honor (not married):
                                Matron of Honor (not Married)
                   Game: Shoe game (10 to 17 Questions about the bride’s and groom’s past life together)
                               The question must be a surprise.
       03:45 Cake Cutting: Music:
                  Option: Father Daughter Dance: Music:
                  Option: Mother Son Dance: Music:
       04:00 Anniversary Dance: Music:
                  Notes: Dancing and Special Events

       04:30 Optional Information:

                     Dollar Dance (Bride and Groom Challenge) Yes or No

                     Family’s favorite song:
                        Bride’s music:
                        Groom’s music:
                     College fight song:
                        Bride’s music:
                        Groom’s music:
                 Group Photo: Group Photo (Train line) Yes or No (4 poses Formal, Silly, Crazy, and Loving)

                                           a) Quad City DJ’s – C’Mon N Ride It (The Train)
                                           b) The O’Jays – Love Train
                                           c) Kylie Minoue – The Loco-Motion
                                           d) Vic Latino F. Nalaya Brown & Fulanito - Conga 2014
                                           e) Gloria Estefan - Conga
                 Note: 10 minute heads up to put on the garter and locate the bouquet!
                 Will you have the garter on?
                 Where is the bouquet?
       04:20 Special Activities
                     Bouquet Toss: Music:
                     Garter Removal:
                 Garter Toss: Music:
                 Garter Replacement (Adults Only): Music:
       04:30 Open Dancing
       04:50 Last Song(whole group): Music:

                  Announcement 8: We will be staging a grand exit. Please gather all your belongings and head
                  for the front exit. The host or hostess will be waiting for you with sparklers, bubbles, glow sticks,
                  or other paraphernalia.

                  What will you uses to exit?
                         a) Sparklers b) Bubbles c) Glow Sticks d) Other
       04:55 Private Couples Last Song: Music:
       05:00 Wedding Completed