MC J Wiz Production DJ Services

      I believe that customer satisfaction should be an entertainer first concern. I have worked in the entertainment business for over 25 years. I started out in high school with 2 belt driven turntables, microphone, PA systems and about 200 albums and 45 singles. Disc jockeying has been both a hobby and profession over the pass years. I have gone from vinyl to cassette decks, technique turntables, CD's and digital Mp3 files and players. I understand both the old school way of disc jockeying and the new way of digital disc jockeying with laptop and iphone technology. I love working with people and enjoying all the difference types of ceremony and special events. Music today is easy to get and harder to keep up with all the different types of genres. I like customizing your party to your taste, which give you the opportunity to select your own love for music at your special event. I have state of the art equipment, which is maintained and updated as new systems are develop and put on the market.

      I work hard before your event to make sure everything is according to your wishes, by planning with you, communicating with you, listening to every requested song, and making sure your requests are what you want such as: artist, title, and version of the song, so that your special event will be remember by your guest and you as the best event ever. I have all type of editing software to premix your special dance song before your special event. Teamwork is what makes a traditional event special.

      Types of events:

               Wedding Ceremony and Receptions
               Same Sex Wedding Ceremony and Reception
               Rehearsal Dinners
               Wedding Anniversaries
               Birthday Parties
               Baby Showers
               Military Events
               Ships Homecoming
               Outside Events
               Christmas Parties
               Talent Show and School events
               Family Reunions
               Children Parties
               PA Setups
               Corporate Events
               Sweet 16 Birthday Parties
               Church Function
               Luau's and Pool Parties
               New Years Eve Parties
               Karaoke Parties

 and many others......